When To Hire a Tax Attorney

The one time of year basically everyone dreads is tax season. Many people do taxes on their own, which is fine, but it is an absolute pain. Gathering receipts, adding-up deductions, and praying you don’t get audited makes for a miserable experience. That’s why often it makes sense to hire a tax attorney. Whether it is a minor reason or a big concern, hiring a tax attorney from a website such as ietaxrelief.com can take a load of stress off your shoulders. This article will provide a brief list of when to possibly hire a tax attorney from the least worrisome situations to when a tax attorney is surely needed.

You Work a Variety of Jobs:

If you have a single job with a W-2 your taxes probably are not too complicated. However, someone who works multiple jobs or make a lot of money via non-employment means might find their forms get very complicated fast. For example, a person who sells a lot of stuff on an auction site such as eBay could be given a 1099-MISC form that requires them to pay taxes on their profits. They can calculate expenses into this of course, such as how much it cost them to buy what they sold, the price of packaging and shipping items, and so forth–a lot numbers to work with! Another reason someone could get a 1099-MISC is if they made over $600 playing fantasy sports online. Then they have to count how much they invested in this hobby and what they made, lost on games, etc. Just picture it, you work a full-time job, a part-time job, sell goods on eBay, and like to play fantasy sports. You now get 4 complicated forms at tax season that could take hours upon hours to do. That sounds like a pretty good time to call a service such as ietaxrelief.com for sure!

You are Being Audited:

If the IRS decides to audit you, there isn’t much you can do besides cooperate (or get in big legal trouble). The IRS might think you lied on your taxes, forgot some big income, or it might be purely random, but if you’re being audited tackling that without a tax attorney is a tall order for a person who doesn’t handle taxes for a living. The IRS will go through everything in your taxes with a metaphorical fine-tooth comb so you most likely need a tax attorney like the skilled ones at ietaxrelief.com to assist you in making sure everything is in order.

You’ve Been Charged with a Crime:

Regardless of if you are innocent or not, being charged with a crime by the IRS is something to tackle with legal representation. If the IRS is saying they think you committed fraud, or any other severe charge, you need a lawyer without a doubt. If the police came and said you were being accused of murder you would hire a lawyer skilled in proving your innocence, so if the IRS says you did something illegal it makes perfect sense to hire a tax attorney to address any charges you are facing.

In Closing:

When considering hiring a tax attorney you may just have a lot of paperwork or could be facing legal charges, there is a wide-range of situations. Whatever the reason, it is smart to have someone skilled at taxes to handle your paperwork for the IRS, and extremely needed if you find yourself in legal trouble. The lawyers at ieraxrelief.com are one stellar option for any of your tax needs, and should you find yourself facing any of the above-listed situations (or even one not discussed) they are more than happy to assist you.